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Welcome to Sober Recovery

Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilitation Center a Co-ed, Non-secular, Non-profit Organization (NGO) has been providing counseling and treatment to victims of drug (alcohol, phammaceutical products & illicit substances) addiction since its founding in 2009.
In addition it also provides counseling and support to victims of HIV/ AIDS.

Our treatment for victims of addiction entails Detoxification, Residential Rehabilitation and After Care support. Our strength lies in the indigenous model of treatment that includes an optimum blend of eastern discipline and western philosophy. Our treatment is aimed at healing the mind, body and soul.

Substance abuse in Nepal has become an epidemic; it is a ticking time bomb, if not checked in time it is capable of annihilating our society. Majorities are victimized by the disease of addiction and HIV/AIDS in their early youth; the very youth who are the building block of this nation and the future as well. If preventive measures are not taken in time, the future of our society looks bleak at the best if not complete meltdown.

Victims of addiction and HIV/AIDS are treated as unwanted garbage by family and society. We provide a place where their feelings are understood and appreciated, a place where they can belong, a home away from home, a family who does not judge them, every victim is embraced, and given another chance at life.

Our goal is to turn all our clients into a productive member of society, who can lead a spiritually meaningful life.

Sober Recovery Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre was found with the altruistic mission to spread public awareness about a growing epidemic; the disease of addiction, along with the vast array of disease it brings, and provide treatment to the victims and empower them to become a productive member of society.

Our philosophy is human life is sacred; victims of the disease of addiction deserve the same love and compassion like any other in distress.

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